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.:: Syndicate : BOSS ::.

<< Presentation Disciple >>
It is him who manages the syndicate: important power but also big responsibilities.

A good boss must be available and reached easily. A boss without MSN, neither Mp ingame, nor a forum is a handicap for his(her) syndicate.

Which competence has to have the boss ?
The points of general management are évidement for the boss: they allow to make lower(dim) the price of the trade-union protections. The boss must also be capable of protecting himself. You should thus neglect no competence. A well-balanced person seems to me the most appropriate.
How to become a boss ?
  • Make his(her,its) programme in a syndicate and reach the supreme place: long and risky.
  • We cannot cross(spend) boss's post to a player lower than the rank 3 because it is necessary to be rank 3 to be able to have access to all the powers of the boss.
  • Create his(her) own syndicate: fast, easy but it belongs to you to make all the work to find syndicate members.
    Namely: it is necessary to be independent for more than 72 hours and to be rank 2 to create a syndicate
  • The creation of the syndicate :
    Once the name was found, it is necessary to build strictly speaking your syndicate. :
  • Find him(her) a banner and a dressing
  • Build him a RP (do not forget that TEM is a mmoRPg)
  • Build him a forum: very useful to communicate and store information
  • The boss office :
    By going in terraformer profile, the boss can :
  • go in Boss'Office
  • ajust subscription (minimum 10%, maximum 100%)

  • In the Boss'Office, the boss can :
  • War Effort
    He can give to a syndicate 40.000 temis. A syndicate can receive only one War Effort every 12 hours.

  • All out Nuke
    Launch an atomic bomb on an enemy syndicate. (Very important damages; cost 10.000 points of charisma)

    To launch a Nuken the syndicate to consist of terraformeurs having posts with responsibilities, they have to agree for the use of their charisma and the Boss has to be old of at least 100 days over March.

  • Metal Pact
    Join with another syndicate to form a chain of titanium. So 2 syndicates brothers of metal will have access to the artilleryman (thus centre of metal industry and drones). There is a period(delay) of 15 days after the creation of the pact before the arrival of the artilleryman.

  • Enslaving a zone
    The boss can take the control of a zone filled with terraformeurs to take them until 100 % of their incomes.

  • Zone nuke
    Unlike the syndicate nuke, this zone nuke will aim at all the present terraformeurs in the targeted zone.
    Cost: 10.000 pts of charisma

  • Syndicate management :
    Acces by : 'Syndicates and Ranks', then 'Manage the Syndicate' :

    Modify the syndicate informations :

    It is here that the boss can modify the banner of the syndicate, his flag, his text of presentation, put the URL of his forum and especially pass on his post to another union member. ATTENTION not to pass on the post in an inactive nor in a terraformateur stase vacancy: the syndicate would irreparably be surrounded. (In the help admin)

    The slush fund

    They receives the trade-union contributions the percentage of which is fixed by the boss. She serves for financing the care, the repairs, the upgrades of the centre of metal, the production of drones, the war efforts and the trade-union protections.
    Syndicate protections (for 24 hours) :

  • Rover alarms : they serve for protecting the rovers of the union members against the thefts. Their efficiency is proportional in the trade-union loyalty of the members.

  • Defensive gatlings : These machine guns with rapid-firing gun are equiped with uranium balls. They will pinch the commando groups which will try to attack the syndicate.

  • Mental jamming : This option allows to hamper(bother) the work of the enemy infiltrateurs by passing on them false information about the syndicate. To use in war period.

  • Mutual insurance : when it is activated the price of the medical stase and its duration are divided by 4. This "superstase" is very useful for the small syndicates which are clamped by a too big number of patients and no available medic
    So that it is effective, the care have to be realized IN THE ORDER of arrival

  • The allocation of the posts

    The boss gives the trade-union posts to the members. Namely: A sick member cannot receive from trade-union post nor be excluded from the syndicate. When we change trade-union post the artefacts which we wear are deactivated. Thus the boss must be careful in transfers in period of cold if he does not want to find his ice-cold members.
    Other important precision: the boss cannot attribute the post of Commando group which is reserved for the Leader.
    The boss can work (^^) even by being sick (it medical stase or to the infirmary).

    Syndicate alcove :

    It is a chat-room reserved for the members of syndicates authorized by the Boss. Here we can speak about everything without flooder about the bar of the Drilling.

    Examine the applications

    The boss receives here Cv from the players wanting to join his syndicate.
    He has access to information about the player sending the cv and can read the message accompanying the cv.

    He can thus accept it or refuse it in full knowledge of the facts

    Syndicate recrutment :

    It is made by means of post on the bar of the drilling (chat). He has to obey strict rules:
    Last recommendations: a boss has to protect his members, listen to them but also be respected. If he manages to develop a good atmosphere in his syndicate, his team will go far.

    Direct access to :

    Guide by Zezouille et Tiamat

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