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.:: Syndicate : Leader ::.

<< Medic Commando >>
It is the war chief of the syndicate.

A good leader has to be strong because he is in first line.
He must be the best commando groups.
Which competence has to have the leader ?
He needs some force, some dexterity and many constitution (in a couple constitution / survival). In brief a brute which is afraid of nothing or anybody.

It is him who puts terraformers commando groups

The leader has a HQ in which he commands his troops.

He has for options :

  • The sabotage of piles with combustion: it is an action of destruction of the material of the enemy syndicate. With piles with combustion destroyed(annulled), the concessions of the players do not work any more.
    Price : 25.000 temis
  • Big fight. The leader sends all his commando groups to face the opposite commando groups. If there are no valid commando groups in defence at the enemy, the secret fund can be plundered.
    Price : 10.000 temis
  • The Air raid: the leader sends drones on the syndicate enemies: all the terraformeurs outside is got as well as their material. A raid of drones can thus be very destructive.
    Price : 100 temis by drone
  • The Raid on zone: this operation will annihilate Betrayals which are, parked or in movement, friends or enemies there. Drônes will make no difference.
    If your drônes machine-guns the bearer of Vassalage breaker, this one will be lost for the bearer
    Price : 5.000.000 temis

  • To know :

  • There is one delay of 30 minutes between 2 same leader actions which need commandos.
  • The leader has an important power of destruction, it is necessary to confide the post to a reliable player with solid gristle. (A war is so fast arrived).

  • Direct access to :

    Guide by Zezouille et Tiamat

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